The Golden Coach 1996

'The Golden Coach'

French marigolds in polystyrene bricks, 9 metres by 4 metres in this installation

From a film by Jean Renoir starring Anna Magnani, as an actress with a travelling theatre who, adored by everyone in the provincial town, including the local cardinal, finally scandalises the population by accepting, then rejecting his gift of the ceremonial Golden Coach.

After realising she cannot leave the world of the theatre and her fellow actors, she steps out of the carriage and renounces her claim on the golden coach and ‘the so-called real world’.

Seven rows of French marigolds; the gaps between the rows the same width as the rows. The gap between the edge of the ‘field’ and the walls of the barn is slightly larger. On entering the space one must make a decision to enter the field or conserve its integrity by walking around it. At any point therefore a decision must be made and one must be aware of making this decision.

– ‘Even in their ruined state…. The tombs become tombs of themselves.’ Goethe – ‘Ruisdael als Dichter’ referring to Ruisdael’s painting ‘The Jewish Cemetery’ now in Dresden.

– The tombs in the grounds of the Suleymaniye, Istanbul which are thickly planted with irises.