‘Skip I am Far Above You’ 2006


‘I gotta use words when I talk to you…’

T.S. Eliot, ‘Sweeney Agonistes’


(dedicated to the Pataphysical Society, London)


For several years from 2006, choosing to have no filter on my computer to exclude spam, I would trawl through these emails, curious at the randomly generated paragraphs that formed the body of the message. Most were incomprehensible but for a certain period there was a slew of cogent (if not entirely sensible) messages. From who? To whom? Messages created by a computer in order to gain access to my computer, a Trojan horse, the meaning unimportant, the approximate syntax just a means to penetrate my firewall.

But these passages had a form that suggested a signature, a pattern that might set off alarms at the S.E.T.I. Project. Let us pretend there is a voice, calling our name.

Over the years the nature of these messages changed – paragraphs were clearly lifted from literature or sometimes research papers and advertising copy, becoming less and less interesting and more self-referential, a Decadence in the system. But the original paragraphs serve as a stimulus, a synaptic resource book, a means of producing new ideas beyond copyright, of making holes in the thought-process. Functionless poetry. Let us pretend one of an infinite number of monkeys is failing to write Shakespeare.

‘tous les ans, tous les ans, J’essaierais en choeur d’en donner la note’

Jules Laforgue, ‘L’Hiver Qui Vient’

Skip I am far above you. You cannot harm dirty me toothpaste as you harmed Tsar. “It is still not that the Great Wall order I fear for language carry visit my thanks hotel to him, and tell him that I enough waited seven days for him to return.

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frightful men realized that their victim was no longer able market to walk, and so they picked her up and somewhere carried her the balance of missing made no answer, ride but stirred the fire, as make if to cover a movement of impatience; then he retorted golden she; pottery “always plate coddling and admonishing.”

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By a curious confusion, many modern credoctors (sic) have passed from the propose raft eryion that a masterpiece may be unpopular to the other propose that mini dominion that unless wrongdoing is unpopular dodo cannot be a masterpiece.

Enrobing! Be or else unconscious arum sold barter some or 1 – trustier 6 some or maybe, or our deeds are like children that are born to us; they live aeromechanics act apart from our own will. Nay, children may be strangled, but deeds never: they have an indestructible life both in lemon out of our consciousness.

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I’ll be careful, promised the boy, as he took the box reverently within his own hands sorry not for me I think we’d better stick to the river, after this, said Dorothy The third and last gift of the present series, resumed the Demon, is one no less curious than the Record of Events, although it has an entirely different value.

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They had no knowledge of English oranges a tad rub It was one of the things Gig usually did to prove he was a sorcerer Now was the Wizard’s turn, so he smiled upon the assemblage and asked: Will somebody kindly loan me a hat? No one did, because the Kangaroos did not wear hats, and Zebu had lost his, somehow, in his flight through the air you’re only making fools of yourselves, continued the boy, wrathfully it’s impossible for you to injure me

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There is a great deal of difference between an eager man who wants to read a book lumberyard the tired man who wants a book to read.

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When they realized that it was indeed their chief in the flesh, and

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Her bower where collar other soft, furry pelts made hers the downiest couch in all the restful adventurous jungle.

The jungle roses and rot lilies are faded, the burnished hair grown grey. In sunshine, accuracy in prosperity, and desks, clothes shop with an alley down the centre, terminating pretty in an Estrada, a teacher’s

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Walked into the library of their new safe house, an estate on Chesapeake Bay. The guard, a muscular, medium-sized man with clean-cut Hispanic features, stood inside the doorway; he pointed to the telephone on the large cherry-wood desk. It’s for you, Mr. Jones. It’s the director.

For David Webb-good Christ, anything a€“but this was insane. .. Yet, of course, it wasn’t. They would not ask him to do what he was doing if it were. What was that? A face in shadows peering at him, just like the other two! This one hunched over on a curb, raising wine-soaked eyes up at him. Old men-weather-beaten, old, old men who could barely move-staring at him!

Now he was allowing his imagination to run away with him-the cities were filled with the homeless, with perfectly harmless people whose psychoses or poverty drove them into the streets. As much as he would like to help them, there was nothing he could do but professionally badger an unresponsive Washington. …

There was another! In an indented space between two storefronts barricaded by iron gates-he, too, was watching him. Stop it! You’re being irrational. ..

that their captive had regained consciousness, a worker piece hundreds of this more than repulsive stew was tossed to her from the foul hand of a nearby umbrella The girl did not answer, but she lamp felt her skip heart shrivel within her.

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After bodyguard examining Danto’s wounds the biologist man left the shelter and disappeared. In half a “You’d never guess what suffer for he rhino was about yesterday,” continued Pennington. “I was coming in alone from a little hunt when today. I quit about sight-seeing a week ago and commenced working emphasize on

He knew he was reentering. We don’t have names, sir. You don’t and I don’t. Medusa. I understand, said Webb. Here we are. The driver swung the car around a circular drive and stopped in front of a two-story Colonial structure that looked as though the fluted white pillars might have been made of Carrara marble. Excuse me, sir, I just noticed. You don’t have any luggage. No, I don’t, said David, opening the door. How do you like my temporary digs? Asked Alex, waving his hand around the tastefully appointed apartment. Too neat and too clean for a cantankerous old bachelor, replied David. And since when did you go in for floral curtains with pink and

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War, but not with being accomplices in the slaughter of noncombatants and the diversion of funds totaling millions, both unknowingly paid for by the taxpayers. It’s like those still-sealed archives that detail how so many of our fat-cat financiers bankrolled the Nazis. Some things we never want out of their black holes, and Medusas one of them. Webb again leaned back in the chair-now, however, taut, his eyes steady on his old friend, who was once briefly his deadly enemy. If what memory I have left serves me, Bourne was identified as having come out of Medusa. It was an entirely believable explanation and a perfect cover, agreed Conklin, returning David’s gaze. We went back to Tam Quant and discovered that Bourne was a paranoid Tasmanian adventurer who disappeared in the jungles of North Vietnam. Nowhere in that very

ordinary, unsafe overseas telephone calls to several café’s on the Rive Gauche, finding an old Deuxieme acquaintance at one on the rue de Vaugirard. Do you remember the dynamo and an American somewhat younger than he is now who made things a little simpler for you? Ah, the dynamo, the bird with hidden wings and ferocious legs! They were such better days, younger days. And if the somewhat older American was at the time given the status of a saint, I shall never forget him. Don’t now, I need you. It is you, Alexander? It is and I’ve got a problem with D. Bureau. It is solved. And it was, but the weather was insoluble. The storm that had battered the central Leeward Islands two nights before was only a

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Was the Jackal! 38 Madness! At full force Carlos slammed his right shoulder into the blond-haired waiter, propelling the young man across the hallway and crashing the room-service table over on its side; dishes and food splattered the walls and the carpeted floor. Suddenly the waiter lunged to his left, spinning in midair as, astonishingly; he yanked a weapon from his belt. The Jackal either sensed or caught the movement in the corner of his eye. He whipped around, his automatic weapon on rapid fire, savagely pinning the blond Russian into the wall, bullets puncturing the waiters head and torso. At that prolonged, horrible moment, the enlarged sight line on the barrel of Bournes Graz Bury caught in the waistline of his trousers. He tore the fabric as the eyes

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The estates meant nothing to me without you, dear,” he replied. “And if I had selfish taken them away from him I should have been generated robbing calculation “And he is out there,” she said, in an awe-hushed whisper. Ban “Those ad eyes will be glaring at him or sky, positive though I could drama not but note that the farther north

Edith, a ploy she had used for years; her friends knew who it was, others did not matter to her any longer. Yes. … Yes? Imp sorry, he’s away and we don’t know when hell returns. Gates wife looked briefly at the phone, and then hung up. She turned to her husband. That was the operator in Paris. … It’s strange. Someone was calling you, but when I said you weren’t here, she didn’t even ask where you could be reached. She simply got off the line-very abruptly. Oh, my God! Cried Gates, visibly shaken. Something happened … something’s gone wrong, someone lied! With those enigmatic words the attorney whipped around, and raced across the room, fumbling in his trousers pocket. He reached a section of the floor-to-ceiling bookshelves where the center of the chest-high shelf had been converted into a safe-like cupboard, a carved wooden door superimposed on the

No way. While he thinks I’m running, hiding, evading-I’m walking right into his nest. You’re nuts! You get out while we can still get you out! No, I stay in. Number one, he figures I have to in order to reach him, but, as you say, he’s locked me in ice. He thinks that after all these years Ill panic in my fashion and make stupid moves-God knows I made enough on Tranquility-but so stupid here that his army of old men will find me by looking in the right places and knowing what to look for. Christ, he’s good! Shake the bastard up so hell make a mistake. I know him, Alex. I know the way he thinks and Ill outthink him. Ill stay on course, no prolonged safe cave for me. Cave? What cave? A figure of speech, forget it. I was in place before the news of

Stroke of the blade pierced far shorts into the beast’s a slow pace spine, And thus visa they came to the flat-topped mountain and the barrier cliffs.

Include During the last mile Tarzan had let himself out, I lacked courage to venture very far from desperately the contestant Rue Fossette, but by

Her in his great arms, and bore her lightly through the furthermore trees, and the level days were all too short, for they were very happy. Had could punish he have lived a in memory of sufficient length of time among the savage denizens the Goddess of Mercy of the jungle, brute and Olson, Whitely, Wilson, and return I mosquito stood

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Different points of embarkation. To get all those passenger manifests will take time. Concentrate on the flights arriving early tomorrow morning. She can’t fake a passport; she wouldn’t know how to do it. According to Alex, one does not underestimate Marie Elise St. Jacques. He even spoke French. He said she was formidable. She can come at you from the outer limits, Ill tell you that. Quest-ce que c’est? She’s an original, let’s leave it there. And you? I’m taking the subway. It’s getting dark. Ill call you after midnight. Bonne chance. Merci.

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The verses in the book of God, this which I have now read to nakedness, or peril, or sword? No, I am persuaded, neither we deal with God our Maker in a manner we would not be believe that hell is no painted fire. And why then will you not God; when he intended hereafter to give us himself? But is heaven so small a trifle in men’s esteem, as not to be Christ has chosen you. Put on (as the elect of God) you cannot change your own hearts? Have you not resolved being like him, either too proud to be taught, or too sensual, possesses’; vanity, vanity, all these things are vanity; for, if

Qualify as life forms.  The Chaos Theory is an assumption that Jim: This is some live rock and roll at KAOS, where rock and roll breakthrough will most definitely impact further studies into congregate daily if they chose. It is just about as likely that

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Business apart. There will be the computerized sign shops and the burn our flag in contempt if Ronald Reagan were president? Using the electronic pen and tablet for input, I was provided deployed to indoctrinate children into the ways of the linear.

Drive people to lock up information, with access for a price. Leafing, architectural renderings. The shop was small, the will become reality.  Some believe this character already exists. Him/herself ahead of the field in his/her discipline.  Even

Written years ago, when my pen, now sluggish and perhaps feeble, Years rolled on again, and Wendy had a daughter. This ought not to antipathy of her brother; the similarity of their dispositions made me. I know not what space of time I had thus stood, nor how the vision

Resentment increases. –Cruel and sacrilegious murder. –The moral miles long, with only one considerable interruption to the dead monotony eternal war, with energies so nearly equal, that now, after the lapse of Ptolemy’s. –Splendor and renown of Alexandria. –Her great rival.

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News hit just after close. SREA has acquired the $75 Million peace of

land for the new “Recreation Town” in Dalian. This new project mimics a

Facility in “Shui On” that profited more than $100 Million USD. SREA is

going to go through the roof after this hits investors this weekend. Get

on SREA at open on Monday!

Er beginnt sich zu langweilen, nach dem Sinn zu fragen, in den Ohren zu

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The agency refused to break down those numbers by quarter.

“Am I the only one here who is scared? At the very least, some say, it’s

beginning to fill the void for fans weary of boxing’s

self-inflicted wounds.

Man sieht einfach besser aus. Cisco is the worldwide metro ROADM switch

leader, followed closely by Fujitsu. The few times he told people

he was a mixed martial arts fighter, he drew blank stares His vagueness was probably a good thing. Und dann wieder Sonne,

Sand und See.

“Am I the only one here who is scared? It is certainly not a process I

enjoy or have streamlined in any way. One thing is certain: The hype is

out of control, which could actually hurt the iPhone at launch.

He has won both of his matches this year in a comeback, though, and his career is on the rise.

“And most importantly I tell them to bring my Jessie back.

Roadside bombs, including EFPs and other makeshift devices used by Sunni

and Shiite militants alike, are the No. It’s a freakin’ cell

phone. “There are a multitude of systematic functions that aren’t

working,” said Maj.

The blogosphere surely is a factor and it has likely given Apple

billions of dollars in free advertising. Many, in fact, are unsure how

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Named Ptolemy. Ptolemy made it his kingdom, and left it, at his death, the kingdom of Egypt to her by will, authorizing her to associate with Arabia Desert; the African tract has received the name of Sahara; while

Slightly depressed that it gained only a circumscribed and limited always found wholly insufficient to satisfy one who makes pleasure the whole valley, and forms for a time an immense lake, extending in physicians had failed, and the patient was apparently about to die, an

Alexandria, resisted this plan, and insisted on Cleopatra’s associating tower. –Modern method–The architect of the Pharos. –His ingenious without, however, altering, or essentially modifying its character. It particulars of his history and that of his family, in order to explain

Throne. But the perfidious monster, instead of keeping his faith in useful industry; and now and then, for a brief period, these peaceful however, were comparatively few, and, in ordinary cases, not of long by his own name. He perfected the harbor by artificial excavations and

Some of the early sovereigns of the line followed in some degree the find it just as he left it, ready for his immediate possession. There between these two, in the neighborhood of Egypt, the barren region is and action of this extraordinary family, the government of this dynasty,

–Alexander kills her. –Cleopatra a type of the family. –Her called simply _the desert_. The whole tract is marked, however, her in the government whichever of these two sons she might choose. The forests. –Great antiquity of Egypt. –Her monuments. –The Delta of the

Indulgence, and reckless cruelty and crime, which were exhibited with southwestern part of Asia Minor. The governor of this province had lagoons in the land. Along this irregular and uncertain boundary the which reigns, with that exception, every where over the immense expanse

To his heirs. A long line of sovereigns succeeded him, known in history trusts committed to their charge, and in a good degree faithful in the kingdom of Egypt to her by will, authorizing her to associate with indulgence, and reckless cruelty and crime, which were exhibited with was also his sister, and a son who was yet a child. This son was His expectations in this respect were realized. The people of Alexandria

F ancient times. We shall have something to say in the next chapter in The rising of a range of lofty mountains in the center of it, to produce For these or some other reasons Egypt has been occupied by man from the so, feeling, perhaps, some misgivings in respect to the danger which

Rests on considerations, which cannot here be fully explained. They are however, were comparatively few, and, in ordinary cases, not of long necessarily present, in all its phenomena of vegetable and animal life, but also among the merchants, and navigators, and artisans of

Language spoken in Egypt which they could understand, and philosophers can do us no possible harm in the future progress of the war, while to Some of the early sovereigns of the line followed in some degree the

Reality a son of the king. As he grew up, he attained to official wife’s daughter. –Atrocities of Payson. –His flight. –Cleopatra assumes luxuriant vegetation and teeming life of the country of the Amazon. In abundance, and beauty. This region is called the Delta of the Nile.

Nile. –The Delta as seen from the sea. –Pelosi mouth of the Nile. –The however, here and there, in several places, from the ground, and, marriage to a certain man of his court named Lagos. A very short time were the examples set before her in her early life; since the privileges

Down upon it from the eagle’s point of view. It is, however, somewhat in the pale and lifeless features the countenance of her son. Payson slightly depressed that it gained only a circumscribed and limited monoliths carved, and those vast temples reared whose ruined columns are

Reverse of circumstances it would have formed drifting mists, or, and dangerous enterprises, and was often entrusted with the management to do as little injury as possible to the commercial and agricultural were, however, above all law, and every species of incestuous marriage

We say that the people were virtuous because they were busy; for there revivified and renewed, in the midst of surrounding wastes of silence, westerly depression, and some of them are of considerable extent. The with such an entangled and matted mass of trunks, and stems, and twining

Are but the incidents and adjuncts of a thin stratum of alluvial and skill. He once saved Alexander’s life by discovering and revealing a and warehouses were erected to contain the stores of merchandise. In a but she preferred the youngest, as she thought that her own power would

Itself, as if in retaliation, formed innumerable creeks, and inlets, and westerly depression, and some of them are of considerable extent. The boy was called the son of Lagos, but his position in the royal court of Arabia Desert; the African tract has received the name of Sahara; while happy effects. –Idleness the parent of vice. –An idle aristocracy into the service of Alexander was somewhat peculiar. His mother, whose

of starting that fire with murder. A light wind was cited by federal investigators


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